Wrath of the Math

October 15, 1996

East Coast Rap

Often overlooked in favor of his instant-classic debut The Sun Rises In The East, the second album from Gang Starr's gifted protege is nearly as satisfying, a smart, streetwise collection of incisive rhymes well served by DJ Premiere's production. He cleverly skewers the excesses of commercial rap on "One Day" and "The Bullshit," while celebrating his own outsized skills on "Black Cowboy" and "Physical Stamina." And he proves it's not bragging if you can do it.

- Mark Deming

Men Without Hats

Pop Goes the World



While "The Safety Dance" lives on as one of the 1980s' most enduring (and lampooned) pop cultural references, Quebec's Men Without Hats had plenty of other clever and elegantly-made releases to their credit including their 1986 masterwork, Pop Goes the World, a lush a vibrant tale concerning the quest for and backlash of fame.

- Timothy Monger

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